how much to charge for cleaning

How Much Should I Charge for Cleaning?

One of the greatest things about cleaning businesses is that anyone can start them. However, setting the right prices for your services can be a challenge. If you find out the answer to the golden question, “How much should I charge for cleaning?” before officially launching your business, you will be a star. You neither want to charge more than your existing competitors, nor do you want to go into loss. There’s a magical number which, if determined, could do wonders for your business!

Fortunately, by following just a few steps, you can easily find out that number (or at least, come close to it, which is good enough)!

Step 1: Do Market Research & Determine an Hourly Rate
Start off by conducting a thorough research on the big players in the market. Find out how much your competition is charging per hour. This will help you in setting your own hourly rate. If you must know, the average hourly rate for cleaning services (house cleaning, to be precise) in US ranges between $25 and $45; however, we recommend that you determine the exact rates in your locality before setting your own.
Instead of sharing the hourly rate, some businesses prefer giving a lump-sum estimate for the whole service. To overcome that challenge, pose as a potential client and call them to ask for their estimate. It is crucial to ask specifically how LONG it would take to clean your place. Once you get the time to clean and an overall estimate, you can easily calculate the hourly rate by dividing the quote by the number of hours. For example, $240/4 Hours = $60/Hour. From there, you can work it out for yourself.

Step 2: Find Out Your “Cleaning Time”
The next important thing to do is to determine your own cleaning time. For that purpose, you can clean your own house or office, or offer your service to a friend for free. See how long it takes you to clean a specific number of square feet and get the job done completely. Don’t forget to keep the following two factors in mind:
1. Size of the rooms (in square feet)
2. Frequency of cleaning (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
By doing this, you will get a rough idea of how many hours it will take you to clean X square feet and you can determine a rate based on that.

Step 3: Start Giving Estimates.
The only thing left to do now is to start giving estimates. For that, take the area to be cleaned and multiply it by the frequency. You’d get the total area to be cleaned. Then, determine how much time (in hours) it would take you to clean that area. Finally, multiply that answer with the hourly rate that you have already determined. For example, a client wants Y sq. ft. of area to be cleaned twice a week. You estimate that you can clean it in 2 hours. Here’s how you would estimate the price: 2 (Hours) X Your Hourly Rate = $Total Price.

So, without wasting any time, try it for yourself, set the perfect rates, and watch your cleaning business excel in no time at all.

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