How to Efficiently Manage the Virtual Office Staff for Your Cleaning Business

From time to time, its important to just sit back and be thankful for being born in the age of technology. Thanks to the ever-growing communication technologies and advanced software, we are able to access limitless information and even run multi-million dollar businesses from the palms of our hands.

Employers are taking advantage of modern technology to grow their businesses and manage their staff without even having a physical office. Cleaning business is no different! Besides BA House Cleaning many other cleaning businesses are also stepping forward and embracing the culture of virtual offices.

Like any other business, running a cleaning company is no cake walk. From training to scheduling, there are numerous aspects which you need to oversee to ensure that things run smoothly. While going virtual sounds a bit challenging at first, it can actually work wonders for you by helping you cut down costs and boost the productivity of your team. In this blog post, we will discuss some useful tips and tricks on managing your cleaning business’ virtual office staff efficiently. Let’s get cleaning!

Build and Maintain a Platform/Network
The first thing you need to do is to ensure that you have a platform (any software or intranet that allows your team to stay connected) for seamless communication. Since you won’t always be able to have face-to-face meetings, you must keep your virtual staff on the same page at all times to discuss crucial work-related matters and communicate your directives. At BA House Cleaning we use Slack and love it!

Create a Compelling Website & Build a Strong Presence on Social Media for your Cleaning business
Apart from your employees, you also need a platform or two to interact with your clients and close sales. Build a compelling website to give a professional impression. Add a chat-bot which would answer the queries of visitors instantly. Moreover, take help from social media to keep your audience engaged. This is an area where virtual employees can help wonders!

Don’t Miss Out on Training
The biggest challenge of having a virtual cleaning business is providing training to your staff. Many entrepreneurs in the cleaning business make the mistake of not investing time and money in training and counseling their staff. It is important to realize that you need to keep your remote staff up-to-date at all times, just like you would with traditional in office employees. For training and screen sharing we use Zoom.

Use a Scheduling Software
Another important aspect of running a virtual office for your cleaning business is to keep track of the activities and schedules and dividing duties among your team. A good scheduling software can help you out a lot – opt for the best one to never miss any work deadlines and keep your clients satisfied.

Stay Focused on Marketing
Never stop marketing your cleaning services, regardless of whether you are managing a virtual or non-virtual business. Keep your marketing endeavors simple yet effective. Using the power of email could also help you a lot in the long run.

To Conclude…
In every sense, running a virtual office for your cleaning business could benefit you a lot. Use modern technology to your advantage – reduce costs, boost the productivity and motivation of your employees, and take your cleaning business to amazing new heights! My cleaning company has had a great experience with hiring remote assistants.

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