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How to hire cleaners for your cleaning company

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Everyone in a cleaning business knows how important it is to hire only qualified and reliable cleaning staff. Over the years our company tried different methods of recruiting in order to make this process as optimal as possible. And lately we came up with what we consider to be a perfect strategy.

Since I have seen many complaints regarding this issue in this group, I decided to share my ideas on the topic. Please keep in mind that I can’t guarantee that these methods will effectively work for you, however, I can assure that they work for my company perfectly well.

Let’s start with a short background. Our company BA House Cleaning started a long time ago, – six years as a legal entity, and even more as a group of people, who love to clean. We have a virtual staff in our company. It consists of three office employees, PT billing, FT customer support and FT field support. Two of them, – Field Support and Billing Support speak Spanish, between each other and with most of our cleaners. Field Supports’ main responsibility is to coordinate the team in their work – give them proper instructions, directions, answer all the questions and be available for the customers throughout the day. This job is very important and requires precise actions, which she performs very well. Lately I also added a Recruiting function to her position and it appeared to be a great idea!

Now let’s talk about our recruiting process a little further. This strategy works for California, but you can apply it in any place as well. We use Facebook Local feature to promote our recruiting in Job and Sale groups for Hispanic people.

Here’s the strategy:
• Our Field Support has joined more than 10 Facebook Job and Sales groups.
• She makes a post that states that we are hiring cleaners and adds it in each of these groups. Posts are added to groups on a regular basis, – one per day.
• Each of those posts draws about 10-15 potential candidates to us.
• She calls them and performs a short interview. In case if they pass and are ready to work, she asks them to come to our office to fill in the application. However, we keep in mind that out of these 15 candidates, only 10 will pass the phone interview. And out of these 10, only 2-5 will actually be invited to come to our office for the real interview.
• Either myself or our Field Supervisor perform interviews twice per week. Interview days are set in advance and can be scheduled for any two days of the week, – Monday and Friday, for instance.
Our interview process consists of the following steps:
• We provide our potential employees with an application forms and pens.
• After that we perform a fifteen-minute-long interview.
• If we find any particular candidate suitable for our job, we ask him/her to send us a message to our Field Supervisor on a specific date to check the status of their application.
• We NEVER hire our candidates instantly. We tend to always give ourselves some time to think more and then make the right decision.
• If we think that a candidate is not a good fit for us, we tell them that we will call them back if we will have a job for them later.

But what does this hiring algorithm really check?

1) Candidates background and past experience: a person has to answer correctly to all of the questions in order for their candidacy to be further considered and them to be invited for the interview.
2) Trustworthiness: During the interview Field Supervisor asks the candidates exactly the same questions that were asked during the phone call to match up the story.
3) Punctuality: We arrange an interview at a specific time and the candidate has to come exactly at the mentioned time. We value our time and time of our customers, therefore punctuality is a crucial skill that we need our candidates to have.
4) Following instructions: We specifically ask a potential candidate to send SMS Text message, not call or email. That’s a very specific instruction that shows us if a candidate can follow all the provided rules.
5) Real interest in this job: If a candidate has passed all of the above instructions, it shows us that they are indeed really interested in this position and are worth investing our time in them. We hire them and train them for the job.

P.S. We all know that time is money!
So here is our strategy of recruiting cleaners for our company, and throughout time it has proven to be very consistent and successful. I strongly believe that sharing our experience might also help other companies in this business.


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