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My first direct mail marketing journey

At BA House Cleaning we’ve never done direct marketing, other than our cleaners passing out flyers to neighboring homes after their cleanings.

For a while now I’ve been curious about direct mail.  Every month I get a brochure from a local franchise and if it doesn’t work, they would not continue to mail them.  I know most say the ROI for direct mail is super low (1% or so), but pay per clicks through Adwords, Thumbtack or Google leads are not cheap either.  Its all about testing what works and perhaps not putting all our eggs in one basket.  But – I guess will see? 🙂


With this direct mail I am targeting recent homes buyers (last 3 months) with a sale price 1 million or higher (we’re in San Francisco bay, so homes here are very pricey).  I used to obtain this info.  See my screenshot below with arrows pointing to the action items.

advertising cleaning service

After clicking “apply filters” you will get a list looking something like this:

print advertising cleaning

Scroll all the way down until you see “download all” link.  Click on it.  This will download the list in a nice CSV file!

Right!  You don’t need to pay for these leads.  They’re free. 🙂

  Next I am going to use VistaPrint to print and mail postcards for me.

I downloaded 943 addresses in our service areas.  Thats 943 new home owners who paid more than a million dollars for their home!  (this is our target market, majority of the homes that we clean are worth more than 1m).

This is how my design will look like with our info of course!

So far it looks like cost of printing and mailing 943 pieces through vista print is $422.  Not bad! 

My thoughts are if I receive a typical response rate of 1% , that would be roughly 10 calls.  Ou close ratio is 70-80% and average biweekly cost for homes valued at 1m+ is $145+ per cleaning.

1 biweekly customer at $145 brings in $3770 of revenue/year.

If I close 50% of these I’d be increasing our yearly revenue by approximately 18K to 20K per year. 

But really I’d get my $422 back in a matter of weeks of servicing those customers.

I am up for a challenge.  After always focusing on online marketing, I really am curious about print marketing~

I shall keep you posted on progress here!

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